About Us

Breakenback Films

Breakenback Films is an Australian based independent Film, Television and Entertainment production company, specializing in Feature Film, Television, Commercial, and Music Videos. Breakenback Films is made out of the Breakenback Production Team (BPT), Breakenback Stunt Team (BST), Breakenback 2nd Unit Action Team (B2), Green Screen Studio and Stunt Equipment Hire.

Our mission is innovation in story telling through film and media. Focus on finding a different way to tell the same story, or telling a new story using our recent innovations in film making.

We employ that focus on every venture we undertake to deliver the best results possible. With our team of Producers, Directors, Stunt and Safety Professionals, and Actors, our extensive knowledge and network of contacts, we have all the necessary facilities and creative heads ready to take on any project.