Investing in Film

Investment in Film

Investors are the lifeblood of the film industry.

Filmmaking does not have to be an expensive art, and the rewards can be great if the money is wisely invested.

With the improvement in technology and content delivery, film investment models have changed as well.

Small investments can now fund big projects and deliver great investment returns (ROI).

Breakenback Films will keep in touch with you for future film investment opportunities.

When a potential project arrives, you will be given relevant details regarding the project and information as it is known.

Which Genre, Who the Producers are, Who the Director is, Who the lead actors are, What locations are planned, estimated Filming schedule, etc.

The process and incentives will be discussed and you will be given the opportunity to come on board with that project.

On the investments enquiry page, you will be asked what your intended or approximate investment amount would be. This gives us a calculated ball park across multiple interested investors to better determine viable projects as a whole that has the potential to move forward.

The actual investment amount you may wish to proceed with is entirely up to you and will be discussed on a project by project basis.

Advertising in Film

If you are a company looking to advertise via the use of product placement in a film don’t hesitate to contact us.

Within the context of the film we are open to a certain amount of product placement, as long as it is not intrusive to the point that it distracts from the story. Subtle and effective product placement can be a great way to build brand awareness without the viewer feeling that they are being sold a product.

While the final placement will always be the prerogative of the director, we do aim to ensure that you receive value for money via ongoing dialogue as the production progresses. You also receive an end credit which can list the company name as well as a website address if necessary.

You may also commission a film from scratch if you have a script you’d like to see on the big screen, or you can simply sponsor a part of the film in exchange for a credit at the end of the film.